About Perianth

Perianth -- Woodland Frills

Perianth started back in 2009 as a basic lolita brand. Feeling uninspired by this, it was later relaunched at the 2010 Otakon "Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show" as a brand heavily combining lolita style with mori girl & often times including hints of dolly kei.

Perianth uses natural materials and earth tones as much as possible. Hand knitted and crocheted items are often incorporated as part of the design. Forests & folklore, woodland flora & fauna, myths & legends, creepy creatures & mysteries of the esoteric--these are inspirations worked into the pieces of Perianth.

Many pieces use vintage items such as antique lace & appliques for a nostalgic, whimsical feel. A lot of the items are created as "multipurpose" as in they can be worn either with a petticoat and frills as a lolita garment, or loose and layered as in mori girl style, dolly kei, or however your heart desires.

Welcome to the deep forest; your adventure awaits.

Perianth POP!-- Eccentric Cuteness

This spin-off from Perianth came about as a creative outlet to make all things cute, eclectic, and a little weird. Perianth POP! features colours from soft adorable pastels to bright, eye-catching hues. The overall look is fun & doesn't take itself too seriously. Under this brand you find the original, unique "two-tone" bloomers, where one leg could be, say, polka dot print and the other leg kitten print. If you're looking some something cute and one of a kind, check out Perianth POP!

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